Flag State Inspections


The Flag State is liable for inspection, certification and the issuance of safety and pollution prevention certificates. Each ship shall comply with the laws of the flag State. The laws implemented if the ship is involved in any maritime affair.

In order to ensure strict abidance with the regulations of the flag State of the ship, the following inspections shall be conducted:

• Pre-registration FSI: To be conducted prior to the provisional registration of a vessel under Sierra Leone Flag. This type of inspection is applicable when deemed necessary by the Administration.
• Initial FSI: To be conducted within 3 months from the date of provisional registration.
• Annual FSI: To be conducted within the 12-month period from the due date of Annual Taxes / Renewal of Registry.
• Special FSI: To be carried out in special cases such as when the vessel has been detained by Port State Control or any other case as deemed necessary
Flag State inspections shall be carried out by approved State surveyors who are responsible for the thorough examination of the lifesaving appliances and safety equipment, the examination of the proper operation of the ship’s machinery and equipment. In addition, they are responsible for the inspection of the general structure of the ship and the verification of legal documentation.

The Alto Marine consulting and Inspection services is an approved company by various flags such us.

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