Pre-Vetting Inspections


As per OCIMF/SIRE inspection Database is an essential tool for independent owners of tanker vessels in order to ensure employment for their vessels in the worldwide market. A Pre-vetting Inspection can ensure to mitigating or even eliminating the risk of negative observations during a SIRE Vetting. thus maintaining a low observation score in the database. During a Pre-vetting Inspection we can visit the vessel and perform a comprehensive inspection covering all areas on board in relation to the SIRE Vetting programme especially on the Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ) in order to prepare the vessel for an upcoming vetting. Vetting Inspections are a snapshot evaluation of your operating procedures, implementation, and condition of the vessel as well as her equipment. It is worth noting that to keep your vessels in preparedness at all times for the vetting to maximize commercial opportunities. We have especially designed ship inspections based on SIRE & CDI program for Oil & Chemical Tankers and RightShip for Bulk Carriers to evaluate the preparedness of the vessel for the upcoming vetting inspections. This service usually can be involved in one or two days visit on board, preferably during cargo discharging operation. We provide truly independent advice on potential gaps, risks and how to mitigate them. Upon request we can also assist with Owner’s response following a SIRE Vetting with negative observations.

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