PSC Preparation & Assistance


In order to achieve the inspection of foreign ships in national ports and to verify the condition of the ship and its equipment, the Port State Control (PSC) inspection is mandatory, as well as for compliance with international regulations regarding the manning and operation of the ship ensuring safety at sea and prevention of pollution.

Τhe PSC officer in charge (PSCO) checks the validity of the ship’s certificates and proceeds to a more thorough inspection when he ascertains that the condition of the ship or its equipment does not correspond with the particulars of the certificates.

If there are indications that the condition of the ship or the equipment does not correspond to the details of the certificates or that the crew and the master are not well trained in the necessary procedures, then a more detailed inspection is required. Particular importance should be given to avoiding unjustified detention or delay of the ship.

Alto Consulting, through its highly trained staff and many years of experience, is willing to help you before and during the PSC inspection, with the aim of optimally preparing the ship and avoiding its detention.

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