VDR Analysis Team

Alto plus VDR
  • In our days, remote Navigational Audits/Assessments are a useful safety and managerial tool to predict & prevent navigational incidents and accidents.  Our certified auditors provide navigation assessment services to improve bridge team performance and reduce navigational risk.  Our Navigational Audits consider human factor as a major concern however, we focus in finding root causes and ways for improvement.

Our navigation audit/assessment services have been developed in concert with navigation specialists certified by the Nautical Institute. 

The team comprises certified assessors execute remote assessments on voyages, planning of the passage, preparation for sailing, pilotage, coastal passage, and berthing. We evaluate the function and use of available navigation equipment and so-called “soft” factors such as teamwork and communication, as well as situational awareness, which may impact on how navigational risk is dealt with.

We offer the following types of Navigational services for deep sea, short sea as well as inland navigation vessels:

VDR data analysis report

Remote Navigation Audit/Assessment report

Incident/Accident Investigation report

Ecdis & Passage Plan Compliance/Assessment

We also offer:

ISM Remote Audit

ISPS Remote Audit

MLC Remote Audit

Engine Remote Audit

Oil Record Book Compliance

And our new service

Reporting Solutions

We provide valuable business insight through reports and dashboards, tailormade on each organization’s custom KPIs and needs.


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